A Day in the Life of a Counselor

By Tess Linn

As I walk into work for the day, I’m greeted by our beautiful building in downtown Milwaukee. It’s warmly accustomed with open spaces, cozy chairs, delicate artwork and the smell of coffee, all of which seems to say, “Come on in. You’re welcome here.” I make my way to the front office which, like the building itself, is equipped with our warm staff members. In everything they do, more than inviting me in for the day, they seem to communicate, “You are supported here.” With friendly smiles and generous dispositions, we begin the day’s journey to encounter the women and families of Milwaukee. 

Our radical hospitality looks a little different every day. From big conversations to small acts of service, we ensure to do “all things with love.” Most of my days, that includes listening to a woman bear her story in the counseling room, with all the details of what obstacles she has faced, the triumphs that surprised her, exploring her desires and values, and most importantly, evaluating where her heart is in that moment we have together. Incredible things happen in these moments. Magic lives in seeing her smile and laugh after coming in tearful, anxious, and uncertain. Truth lives in watching her open her heart to the reality of life within her. Change lives in her ultrasound when she experiences her child’s heart beating with hers. Support lives in walking her through her options and providing critical resources for her care. Compassion lives in a hug as she despairs of a past pregnancy loss. Relief lives in the eyes of a mother as I can offer her a box of diapers or a bin of clothing and say “take as much as you need.” Community lives in the classes that we provide, filled with laughter, curiosity and friendship. Hope lives in the confidence that she gains in being a parent, learning new skills to better herself and her family.

More than our concrete services (pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, counseling sessions, classes and material gathering), I witness the care that each employee has for the mission of Women’s Care Center. I get to see how our development team steps up to sit with a woman when all of our counselors are with other clients. I see our counselor who attends to a woman who isn’t pregnant but is experiencing a different crisis in life and just needs a listening ear. I see our manager offering water and snacks to a concerned family member so that they can feel comfortable waiting in our lobby. I see an ultrasound technician attend to a man living in homelessness and offering him resources for shelters nearby. I see staff playing with children while their mom seeks the services she needs. I see compassionate servers all around me, meeting women and families in the most desperate of circumstances. So at the end of my day, I leave knowing that LOVE lives in all these moments at Women’s Care Center.

Join us in making a positive impact on the journey of pregnancy and parenthood in our community.