Unplanned Pregnancy and Unexpected Growth

Reggie shared that her mind raced with what to do next. She said, “Abortion was everywhere and I was in shock about how to handle it and if I even wanted this. I kept wondering how this was going to affect my life. It felt like I couldn’t take care of myself sometimes, how was I supposed to take care of a baby?”

A Place for Parents

With a wide range of subject matters, WCC teachers help women and men become good mothers and fathers. But where to begin? WCC offers programs on understanding pregnancy …

Pregnancy Resource Centers Join Forces Over Shared Mission

Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs) have long existed in Milwaukee to advocate for women in need: Women who need support maintaining their pregnancies, seeking education on parenting skills, and who have decided to carry their pregnancies, despite the challenges they may face.

A Day in the Life of a Counselor

Our radical hospitality looks a little different every day. From big conversations to small acts of service, we ensure to do “all things with love.”